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Privacy and the Family Court
28th Sep 2015
Before no fault divorce was introduced in Australia, people getting divorced in the Supreme Court of Western Australia could have their photographs taken and details about their case published in the newspapers. In 1975 “no fault” divorce was introduced. Parliament decided that under the new law there would be… Read more »
On being an Ethical Emperor Penguin: Ethics and Etiquette in the Court
28th Aug 2015
How You Should Act In Court The law is one of those professions that still maintains an air of prestige and conservatism. Rather like a nearly extinct bird, the profession has preserved much of its heritage and plumage. In criminal matters judges and solicitors continue to wear robes but in Western Australia did… Read more »
Surrogacy in Western Australia
28th Jul 2015
An immense amount of satisfaction can be found in our work when we achieve an outcome for our clients. Bringing an often difficult and emotional matter to a close that is in the best interests of our client involves mixed emotions for everyone involved. However, there is an area in family law that can bring only… Read more »
The Duty of Disclosure
28th Jun 2015
Pre-action Disclosure Before a matter can be commenced in the Family Court, the Family Law Rules require each party (with limited exceptions) to have made a genuine effort to resolve the dispute by adhering to certain procedures (Rule 1.05). The pre-action procedures required by the Rules are per Schedule… Read more »
Getting Married Overseas
28th May 2015
What is the definition of marriage in Australia? We got married overseas.  Do we need to register the marriage in Australia? Will our overseas marriage be recognised in Australia? How will we know if the marriage was valid under the local law of the overseas country where the marriage was solemnised? Would… Read more »
The First Meeting with your Family Lawyer
28th Apr 2015
What to Consider People in need of family law advice often come to family lawyers with a range of concerns. Many people are unsure about their legal rights and concerned about the family law process. For example, how to end a dispute with their former partner such as how to negotiate and formalise an agreement. Not… Read more »
Understanding Family Court Procedure in Financial Cases
28th Mar 2015
The First Hearing General guidelines The Family Court process is not always straightforward or predictable. The Family Court has the discretion to decide what procedure should be followed, given the circumstances of each case. There are, however, procedural guidelines which set out how a typical case will… Read more »