Financial Agreements

A financial agreement is a written agreement made between you and the other party that sets out how all or any of the assets or financial resources, are dealt with, in the event the marriage or relationship comes to an end. Financial Agreements can also be made in relation to spousal maintenance and other matters. Financial Agreements, if drafted correctly, are a means of resolving your matter without the need for the Family Court to be involved.

Financial agreements may be made either before, during or after marriage, or before, during and after a de facto relationship. The law in relation to financial agreements is complex, and both parties are required to obtain independent legal advice before entering into a financial agreement.

Financial Agreements entered into before marriage (commonly referred to as a “pre-nup” or “pre-nuptial agreement”) or before a de facto relationship, creates as much certainty as possible as to how assets will be divided if the marriage or de facto relationship comes to end.

DCH Legal Group are experienced in drafting and providing advice with respect to all financial agreements.

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