The primary consideration of the Family Court when determining parenting arrangements is “what is in the child’s best interests.”

At DCH Legal Group, we understand that making arrangements for children after parental separation can be a sensitive issue, for the whole family.

What you need to know.

We have a wealth of experience in assisting clients to negotiate with the other parent over what arrangements for their child may be appropriate.

Areas in which DCH Legal Group can help

  • How to make decisions for children now that you are separated from their other parent (i.e: parental responsibility);
  • Arrangements about where the children are to live, and the time they are to spend with their parents (formerly referred to as custody and access);
  • Relocation, including international and interstate relocation;
  • Matters that involve family violence, child abuse, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health issues and parental alienation;
  • International child abduction;
  • Where grandparents or other family members wish to participate in determining what should happen;
  • Attending mediation and dispute resolution with you and assisting you with the process;
  • Preparing consent orders if issues are agreed;
  • Preparing court documents, if there is a dispute that cannot be resolved by agreement; and
  • Representing you in the Family Court.