Also known as collaborative divorce, the collaborative practice of family law is an alternative to mediation or litigation, where the parties agree not to go to court. Collaborative divorce is a legally recognised and formal process.

How does it work?

In this process, the parties attend a series of meetings with their lawyers and usually other relevant professionals and, assisted by them, make their own decisions on the important issues, instead of having those decisions imposed upon them by the Court.

Who can use collaborative law?

Many cases are suitable for collaborative divorce, including matters involving complexity and conflict. Our directors are trained in Collaborative Practice and are recognised leaders in that field.

What you need to know about collaborative law

  • Both parties make written commitments to each other to stay out of court and to work together and collaboratively;
  • Both parties are legally represented throughout the process and are supported equally by independent financial advisors, counsellors or other experts as the case requires;
  • Control stays with the separated couple to help them make informed decisions about their own future and the future of their family;
  • Both parties attend a series of coordinated meetings where all issues relating to the separation are identified and resolved in a transparent and respectful way.

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Our directors will put together the right team of people to help you at every stage of your journey, which may include other lawyers or law clerks. You'll always receive the appropriate level of service without incurring unnecessary costs along the way.

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