The best interests of the children is the paramount consideration in all children’s matters.

DCH Legal Group has extensive experience in dealing with domestic and international relocation matters. Discuss your relocation queries with our legal team.

How we can help in relocating

If you and the other parent do not agree on the children relocating, we prepare the court documents required to file an application in the Family Court; and

  • Representation at Court hearings whether you are for or against the children relocating.
  • Negotiating an agreement with the other parent about the relocation of the children;
  • Preparing consent orders in relation to relocation matters;

Understanding the issue

Relocation is the term that applies in Family Law cases when one party wishes to move and take the children to another place, state or country.

Where relocation will have a big impact on the children’s time or relationship with the other party, an agreement must be reached.

If there’s no agreement, you will need some form of family dispute resolution and the assistance of the Family Court may be required.

Emergency Help

If you are concerned about the other parent leaving their present address in circumstances that will impact on the children’s arrangements, or leaving Australia with your children, we can prepare the court documents required to guard against this.

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