The ‘Amicable’ Breakup

You’ve pretty much agreed on how to divide your assets, children’s arrangements and other separation-related issues, and now need professional legal help to complete the process.

Some clients have reached an amicable agreement, but need it checked to make sure it’s legally sound and meets the required standards and regulations. We can guide you through the legal processes and paperwork necessary to finalise your divorce.

You’ve agreed to separate but are not sure what to do next.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start the conversation. DCH Legal Group takes you through the options available and works with you to identify the important issues in your separation. We help you understand and overcome the common barriers to an agreement and work out a practical plan of action.

We can sort it out but we need some help

Urgent Advice

Something’s wrong. You see a threat – or you’ve been served legal documents you don’t understand.

If you’re suddenly faced with an urgent matter, DCH Legal Group will act immediately and effectively. We’re also experienced at identifying potential hot spots and defusing them if possible.

You can’t agree on anything and things are getting messy.

Breakup, separation and divorce can bring out the very worst in people. When your spouse or partner becomes aggressive or starts making threats – or you just can’t agree on anything – DCH Legal Group will help you identify the problems and work out a strategy together to move things forward.

Turning Angry

It’s Complicated

Your assets, investments and businesses are complex. So, perhaps, is your family.

Some cases are more complicated than others, and need a deeper and more detailed level of analysis to establish the facts. It’s in these situations that our experience comes to the fore. We conduct the necessary analysis and then plan a strategy to reach an agreement, if that’s possible, or take it to Court if it’s not. Our analysis might require financial, valuation, forensic, medical or other expertise; and we have excellent relationships with experts in all of these fields.

You’ve been trying to finalise things for months. Even years.

Sometimes, matters become protracted and nothing seems to be moving forward. It might be because your partner is delaying things, you don’t know what to do next or, for whatever reason, things have stalled. Where the delay is beyond your control, we will explain what’s going on and take the necessary steps to get things moving towards a resolution.

Will it ever end?

See you in court

Sometimes, court is the only way. You’ll need a strong team to represent your interests.

If the legal issues surrounding your separation can’t be settled by negotiation and agreement, court may be your only option. DCH Legal Group are highly-experienced family law litigators and will build and present a strong, well-thought out case on your behalf.

DCH Legal Group are experienced family lawyers who guide clients through legal challenges that arise from separation. We know right and do right, to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

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